Brew City Match

There are presently no open calls for submissions.


*NOTE: This is the application for people applying for regular Brew City Match programs. If you are seeking support for COVID 19 response do not fill out this application. Click on the COVID 19 page on the Brew City Match website.

Welcome to the Brew City Match application system. Brew City Match is designed for building owners who own commercial property or business owners looking to start a business or significantly expand into the Cesar Chavez Drive, Historic King Drive, Near West Side, and North Avenue/Fond du Lac commercial corridors and surrounding neighborhoods. 


A map can be found online at 

We encourage building owners and business owners to review the Program Guidelines prior to applying. The chart on page three shows what is necessary to qualify for each track, and what the winners package will include. 

BUSINESS OWNER Program Guidelines 

BUILDING OWNER Program Guidelines

Select the track that best fits where your business or real estate project currently fits. Business owners who apply for more that one track will be disqualified from consideration. Building owners may submit an application for any vacant commercial space that fits within the program guidelines. 

Brew City Match